Confusion after the Release of Minutes of FOMC
The release of minutes of the Fed’s last meeting caused volatility in the global markets. The volatility is marked by the hike in the U.S. government bond yield into the level of 2.94%, the 4-year highest position. Markets digested the words “further gradual increases” as 4x hikes in the Fed’s interest rate, higher than the current estimate of 3x rate hikes. The U.S. markets’ shares initially considered the minutes of FOMC has dovish stance. However, the hike in the government bond yield triggered investors’ concerns.

JCI’s New Highest Record
Indonesia’s markets are capable of posting the new highest position at 6,693 even though rally in dollar and significant rise in the Indonesia’s government bond yield. Investors keep their eyes on the release of companies’ performance, particularly in the mining sector.

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