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IPO Structure
IPO Structure of PT Nusatama Berkah Tbk

IPO Schedule

Masa Penawaran Awal : 19 – 27 Jan 2022
Perkiraan Tanggal Efektif : 31 Jan 2022
Perkiraan Masa Penawaran Umum : 2 – 7 Feb 2022
Perkiraan Tanggal Penjatahan : 7 Feb 2022
Perkiraan Tanggal Distribusi Saham dan Waran Seri I (Elektronik) : 8 Feb 2022
Perkiraan Tanggal Pencatatan Saham dan Waran Seri I Pada BEI : 9 Feb 2022
Perkiraan Periode Perdagangan Waran Seri I : 9 Feb 2022 – 14 Feb 2023
Perkiraan Periode Pelaksanaan Waran Seri I : 16 Aug 2022 – 17 Feb 2023

Company Profile
PT Nusatama Berkah was established as mechanical engineering, procurement, fabrication, and installation. The key employees have over 20 year’s experiences in steel fabrication and manufacturing. They have been involved in wide range of projects covering many industrial sectors, palm oil mill, mining sector, logging and infrastructure projects. Our experience and expertise allow us to service our customers from the design stage, material purchase, fabrication and installation with the objective of customer needs.

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