The government offered 7 series of Government Bonds (SUN) at an auction held on 30 June 2020. Of the 7 series offered, FR0081 with 5-year tenure is still the preferred SUN series with an incoming bid of IDR27.9 trillion. This amount was followed by the decrease in yield by 16 bps to 6.51% from the previous 6.67%. In second place is FR0082 with an incoming bid of IDR23.5 trillion. Meanwhile, the yields of SUN with 10-year tenure is experiencing an increase of 8 bps to 7.19%. At the auction, 2 new series were offered: SPN03201001 (3 months) and SPN12210701 (12 months). However, the enthusiasm for these two series is still minimal. SPN12210701 only received an incoming bid of IDR1.1 trillion, while the SPN03201001 did not receive any incoming bid. This proves the difficulty of attracting investors to bond with tenure of up to 12 months.

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