We have been participating in the fixed income market in Indonesia since 2016 as a broker and investor. We believe this market will be more valuable to us in the future and we would like to share our knowledge and insights about the fixed income market with our clients.


What is Fixed Income?

Fixed income is an investment product that will generate regular fixed income (eg interest) and the value you invest will not decrease. The amount you invest has little possibility of being affected by changes in interest rates or prices in certain deals.



Our Fixed Income Sectors

NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia specializes in the following sectors.

Debt Capital Market

We provide guidance on capital structure across debt, hybrid, and equity-related products for companies and instructions. We are responsible for marketing, pricing, and distributing new corporate bonds and hybrid products.


Our sales function connects NH Financial Group resources with our institutional clients, such as banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, pension funds and mutual funds. We support institutional clients to achieve their specific investment goals.



How to Buy and Sell Bonds / Sukuk

Register Account

Make sure you have registered a stock account in the NAIK application. If not, you can register it here.

Download Forms

Contact your sales to make transactions buying and selling bonds or sukuk..

*Especially for customers who register online, they can contact sales1 or sales2.

Check Availability of Goods

Sales will check the availability of the items you ordered.

Conducting Negotiations

Sales will negotiate with you regarding the costs of the purchase.

Purchase Processed

RDN balance will be withdrawn from your RDN according to the total purchase. And on the due date, your money will be disbursed to your RDN minus the agreed fees.