Easy Investment With NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia

Confused about investing in your busy life? Or are you still unsure about investing in stocks? We are here to help you invest flexibly with mobile and desktop applications. You can also ask our experienced salespeople and dealers to help advise and receive your stock investment orders and/or instructions.


Investing With Mobile Applications

Invest with the application can make it easier for you to transact more flexibly with the NAIK application.

Investing With Sales

Investment with sales is our service so that customers can be assisted by our sales in every investment decision and help receive orders and/or instructions for your stock investment. For more details, you can ask through our official customer service number.



Open an Online Account

Get our application to be able to transact anywhere. You can also open an online account on our mobile application.

Download NAIK for Windows


Download NAIK for Mobile Applications



Open an Offline Account

Here are the steps that need to be followed to be able to open an account offline.

Download Forms

The customer downloads the form by clicking the “Download Form” button below.

Print and Fill Forms

The customer prints, fills out, and signs the form.

Submit The Form to The NH Office

The customer sends the form to NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia’s Office.

Documents Processed

Forms will be processed within 3-5 working days.

Download Forms