Market Recap
JCI was rebound, backed by the agricultur sector. JCI’s Top Gainers: Agriculture (+2.9%), Infrastructure (+1.5%), Consumer (+0.5%).

INNI index, likewise JCI, made gains, contributed by the stellar performance of property stocks, e.g., CTRA and PWON.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Tuesday’s foreign outflows of IDR585 billion accounted for two-day losing streak for JCI, with the largest amount of IDR209 billion withdrawn from the banking sector. Most of Asia markets, unlike JCI, were at bearish mood. A glance at commodities, prices of CPO rallied as Indonesia’s stockpiles of CPO whittled away from July’s 3.55 million tons to August’s 3.52 million tons. The rally in CPO prices proved a boost for the agriculture sector, e.g. LSIP (+6.61%) and AALI (+6.07%).

The rupiah Indonesia, meanwhile, was depreciated 0.5% against the US dollar to close at 14,100.

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