Let’s join Member Get Member and get Rp50k for every new account and Rp25k for every referral code used! This promo is limited to the first 2500 registrants from 24 April – 16 May 2024.

Term and Condition

1. Referral promo only for retail customers who have an active account in NHKSI and have an investment transaction.
2. New customers must enter the “USER ID” data from the recommender into the online account opening data entry on the website. The “USER ID” entered must be correct, any errors in filling “USER ID” cannot be corrected and are not counted as new recommended customers.
3. IDR25,000/customer will be transferred to existing customer RDN Bank Account (Recommender) after their Referred account is active and do their investment.
4. IDR50,000 will be transferred to new customer RDN Bank Account after their first investment done without any minimum amount of investment.
5. Maximum period of the first investment must be done within 14 days calendar after the account is active.
6. Customers with sales can also join this promo but sales can’t get any commission fee from the new customer generated from this program.
7. NHKSI reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without prior announcement to the user. Especially if there are indications of fraud that is detrimental to the NHKSI.
8. Money will be transferred every Tuesday after termination of this event.
9. For customers who apply for account opening during the event period, after the event is over, we will check whether the account has been opened and a transaction has taken place, and will pay the amount every Tuesday.
10. Cashback tax borne by the winner