Foreign Investment in Indonesia Government Bonds
Foreign funds of IDR4.740 trillion fled from Indonesian government bonds. Indonesia Composite Bond Index (ICBI) was 0.77% higher to 250.32 at the closing bell. The escalating trade war took a bite out of Indonesian government bonds’ prices. 22 May riot as the protest, challenging the winning of Jokowi rattled markets as Indonesian government bonds wobbled. On Thursday (05/23), Indonesian government bonds’ prices significantly were at pickup—after an overnight tumble and easing unrest grips— due to inflows of foreign capital.

SBNs Auction
At the auction of SBNs dated Tuesday (05/21), Indonesian authorities secured funds of IDR10.8 trillion from IDR26.19 trillion worth of the total incoming bid. The funds secured were lower than the indicative target of IDR15 trillion. FR0078, SBNs with 10-year tenor, gained the biggest bid of IDR7.41 trillion.


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