Foreign Inflows into Sovereign Bonds
Sovereign bonds (SBN) boasted last week’s foreign inflows of IDR10,399.9. Although looming US recession slowed its price at an earlier intraday session, its price, on the following intraday sessions, was in a sharp rise. Last week’s auction was surprising as the proceeds from SBN auction was worth IDR24.95 trillion of the total incoming bid of IDR59.5 trillion. Last week’s proceeds surpassed 12 March’s proceeds of IDR18.05 trillion and were higher than 2019’s average proceeds of IDR24.04 trillion.

SBN Auction
Last week’s SBN auction dated 03/26/2019 secured funds of IDR24.95 trillion of the incoming bid totaled IDR59.5 trillion. Fund secured was much higher than the indicative target of IDR15 trillion. SBN with 10-year tenor, FR0078, won the biggest bid of IDR16.3 trillion.


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