March’s Inflation Stands at 0.10% MoM

Surging prices of gold and shallot contributed to March 2020 inflation of 0.10% MoM or 2.96% YoY. March’s inflation was lower than Feb’s 0.28% MoM or 2.98% YoY as the pandemic curtailed demands. Meanwhile, the stockpiles of garlic were relatively adequate. In March, 43 cities across Indonesia recorded inflation, with Lhokseumawe to record the highest inflation of 0.64% in contrast to Surabaya and Surakarta to respectively record the lowest inflation. Furthermore, 47 cities recorded deflation with the striking contrast in deflation recorded by Timika (1.91%) vs. Tangerang (0.01%). The personal care and other services categorized into 11 expenditure group to contribute 0.06% to March’s inflation, while food, beverages, tobacco contributed 0,03% to March’s inflation. It was the price of gold jewelry to give the largest contribution of 0.05% to March’s inflation. In addition, prices of staple foodstuff and cigarettes also made up March’s inflation.

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