Daily Report | 28 November 2022

Wall Street Vs. Main Street. Investors are focused on retail stocks, a benchmark for consumer confidence, as high

Daily Report | 25 November 2022

The US dollar is coming near to a 3-month low after the Fed signaled a lower FFR hike in December. As Wall Street

Daily Report | 24 November 2022

Jobless claims increased by 8% WoW amid several technology sector layoffs. The efficiency efforts of several technology

Daily Report | 23 November 2022

Besides the energy stocks, retail stocks propped the S&P 500 up by 50 points. The appreciation of several retail

Daily Report | 22 November 2022

The speculation of China's Zero-Covid Policy re-implementation put pressure on energy stocks. Non-Primary Consumers and

Daily Report | 21 November 2022

Stocks are defensive to prop up the S&P 500, ignoring speculation of a fifth FFR 75Bps gain in December. On the

Daily Report | 18 November 2022

Jobless claims fell 2% within the week, again giving the Fed a Hawkish room. Data showed that US Initial Jobless Claims

Daily Report | 17 November 2022

Resilient Consumers keep inflation high. The accumulation of savings during the Covid19 pandemic, and rising wages amid

Daily Report | 16 November 2022

US inflation slumped again, and technology stocks continued to rally, with the Nasdaq appreciating by 1% or leading Wall