Sound Performance
BBRI posted the interest income of IDR28.8 trillion, marking the 3Q18 growth of 7.9% y-y, all-time high of 3Q17. The acceleration in the interest income growth signs effects of higher loan growth capable of countering pressures stemming from declining credit rates. Meanwhile, the 3Q18 net profit skyrocketed 21.2% y-y. Combination of lower provision, paired with the higher non-interest income was the logical takeaway of the rocketing net income, albeit the nudging up net interest income of only 4.7%.

Remarkable Loan Growth
The loan grew by 16.5% to IDR808.9 trillion. The growth was mainly contributed by the micro segment posted the growth of 16.3%. Moreover, the SME segment jumped by 20.3%. The remarkable loan growth is likely to be the potent driver for BBRI to jostle for the double–digit growth in the interest income of 2019, terminating the single–digit growth in 2017–2018.


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