The U.S. unemployment level escalated to 14.7% or the second’s highest lay-off level following the end of World War II as the number of laid-off workers filed for unemployment level soar skyward to 33.3 million during last seven weeks. And, what does it hint of the U.S. economy?

 The emphasized focus on economy structure instead of economy expansion portrayed in the consumption shift in all across market during next quarters (i.e., consumers’ spending, investments trend). The Government’s “whatever-it-takes” policies to support firms and workers function upon re-opening of economic activities. Therapeutics for COVID-19 treatment is key to the future economic pathway.  Stock market is likely to experience correction considering the pre-COVID-19 trend in market and load of relief stimulus to change the current growth trend in market. (CNBC)


Reference:, accessed on Sunday, May 10, 2020