Partnership and Marketing: Fruitful Strategies
In 2Q18, EXCL’s performance nudged up by 1% q-q and in 1H18 it also posted the surge of 1% y-y. EXCL remains sanguine about its outperformance in 2H18. The SIM card registration program causing EXCL to spend much higher marketing sales expense of 65% y-y in 1H18 proving to be fruitful; its subscribers increased by 5% y-y to 53 million whose 41 million are smartphone users or edging up 21% y-y, for example. To increase penetration of smartphone users, EXCL cooperates with Evercoss and YouTube to launch Xtream smartphone with the selling price starting from IDR600,000. The success of this cooperation was shown by the increment in 2Q18’s data traffic to 581 petabytes (vs. 1Q18’s data traffic of 417.5 petabytes).

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