Foreign Investment in Indonesian Government Bonds
Last week’s outflows from Indonesian government bonds (SBN) were worth IDR2,905.5 trillion and added to evidence of SBN’s modest state. External sentiments dropped its price as the urgency of Brexit shorter deadline and retaliatory tariffs between the U.S and the UE rattled bonds markets. The U.S. tit-for-tat import duties on European products responded to subsides, given to Airbus producer: the U.S Boeing’s main opponent.

SBN Auction
At SBN auction dated 04/09/2019, Indonesian government secured funds of IDR15.72 trillion from the total incoming bid of IDR31.84 trillion. The amount secured topped the indicative exceeded the indicative target of IDR15 trillion. SBN with 10-year tenor, FR0078, obtained the biggest bid of IDR8.94 trillion.


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