Amir Suhendro Samirin

Let you introduce by yourself simply?
My name is Amir S Samirin, usually called Amir. I am the Director of Investment Banking.


What led you to join NH KORINDO?
I joined NH because NH is a big company. NHKSI also has a large MKBD, so people can work in peace.


Describe your current role at the company and your responsibilities?
As the Director of Investment Banking, I am responsible for carrying out IPO and Non-IPO work to run smoothly, from receiving orders to listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.


How have you progressed and evolved through your time at NH KORINDO?
Before the NH, the IB Division’s work only participated in the underwriting syndication as a participant. However, since 2018, it has acted as the Managing Underwriter by conducting a SWAT IPO which was listed on the IDX on June 8, 2018.

Until now the underwriting has been carried out on 10 (ten) companies with a total fundraising of Rp. 1,823 billion.


Where do you see the greatest opportunities for NH KORINDO in Indonesia going forward?
Investment Banking jobs still have a big opportunity. Companies listed on the IDX are still below 700 issuers. To reach 1000 issuers, 300 more are needed.

If an average of 60 companies go public a year, then for the next 5 (five) years there will still be opportunities to do the work. Another big opportunity is the Asset Management and Private Equity companies.