1Q18 Outperformance Offsetting 2Q18 Underperformance
SCMA marked the 2Q18’s underperformance as it posted the decline of 6.2% y-y in to IDR1.3 trillion in net revenue and the loss of 9.8% y-y to IDR485 billion in net profit. The sliding ads. revenue coupled with the inclining program expenses was the logical takeaway for the 2Q18’s underperformance. Albeit such underperformance, the 1H18’s net revenue marked outperformance as its net revenue was buoyant by 2.6% y-y driven by the hike of 4.8% in SCMA’s all-time audience share — contributed by SCTV by 1.9% and IVM by 2.9% (1H18 vs. 1H17).

Jostling for Affirming Audience Share
On the other side, the increment of 12.3% y-y in the 1H18’s program and broadcasting expenses was the reflection of SCMA’s ambition to affirm its position of the market leader in audience share. The expenses allocated aims at creating fresh concepts and broadcasted programs (Liga Dangdut), new soap operas, and special license (Go-Jek Liga 1). Of note, IVM, the subsidiary of SCMA, obtained larger allocation of funds.

The concerted attempt was vividly portrayed at the broadcast of RCTI’s anniversary celebration. SCMA through its two TV stations broadcasted comparably entertaining programs such as Dilan 1990 (highest-grossing domestic movies of 2018 to date), Gempita Asian Games, and FTV soap operas. As a result, its two TV stations’ audience shares beaten RCTI’s at that event’s time slot.

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