During a week, the SUN market was relatively flat, in line with the lack of domestic economic sentiment, and investors took a wait and see attitude to wait for the results of the FOMC Meeting Minutes. The minutes of the Fed show that the US Central Bank may begin to ease the pace of FFR increases, complementing other US economic data, such as: Unemployment Rate Oct. which rose to a level of 3.7%; and sloping CPI and PPI inflation.

Corporate Bonds
BBRI: Plans to Release MTN. PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRO) plans to issue medium-term notes (MTN) without a public offering of IDR400 billion, with an interest rate ranging from 6.6%-6.98% per year. It is planned that the MTN will be distributed (Emission Date) on November 24, 2022, so that the first interest payment will be carried out on February 24, 2022. (Emiten News)

Domestic Issue
0.18% Inflation Occured in the Fourth Week of Nevember. Based on the Bank Indonesia (BI) price monitoring survey in the fourth week of November 2022, inflation in November 2022 is estimated at 0.18% MoM. Additionally, a number of primary commodities contributing to inflation in November 2022 range from purebred chicken eggs to filtered clove cigarettes and rice. (Kontan)

The lack of sentiment in today’s domestic and global economic data made investors immediately anticipate the November manufacturing and inflation data released on Thursday. Based on a Bloomberg survey, CPI Headline Indonesia in Nov. on a monthly basis is projected to record an inflation rate of 0.14% MoM, compared to Oct., which recorded a deflation rate of 0.11% MoM, in line with the increase in several food commodities, ranging from chicken eggs to rice.

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