Indonesia’s Bonds Yield Settling at 7% Again

The global financial market turmoil marked by the U.S. Treasury yield topping 3% caused the Indonesia government bonds to soar higher than 7% the last-one-year highest level. On April 25, the Indonesia government bonds was at 7.21% soaring by 64 bps only within 8 days when the U.S. Treasury yield gradually p assed the psychology limit of 3%.

BI’s Intervention in Rupiah

In the end of April, rupiah was depreciated. From the early of March to the fortnight of April rupiah moved stably at the average of 13,700-13,800 stopping its significant depreciation as of the early of 2018. Its early 2018 depreciation worsened its position from 13,300-13,400 into 13,700-13,800. In the end of April, its depreciation slightly shifted its position from 13,700-13,800 into 13,800-13,900. However, rupiah near to the psychology limit of 14,000 cause a way more overwhelming concerns than its early 2018 depreciation.

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