Highlights of 2019 May Inflation
Indonesia recorded May’s inflation of 0.68% m-m, continuing April’s inflation of 0.44% m-m. Its number, on a yearly basis, paced at 3.32%: a significant pickup compared with April’s 2.83%. May’s level responding to seasonal patterns of Ramadan and Lebaran was below the 5-year seasonal inflation average at 0.70%. Based on the updated development, its level hit 1.48% YTD.

High Volatile Food Inflation
May’s inflation mainly sourced from inflation of 2.18% m-m posted by the volatile food. It, on a monthly basis, was higher than April’s 1.59% m-m, and on a yearly basis, was at 4.08% y-y, well above April’s 2.05% y-y, given the high demand on foodstuff.

Meanwhile, the administered prices recorded May’s 0.48% m-m, a well-controlled hike of inflation compared with April’s 0.16% m-m. Its figure, on a yearly basis, was at 3.38% y-y, higher than April’s 3.17% y-y.

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