Efficiency: Growth Bolster
LPPF posted 4Q17’s sales of IDR2.5 trillion (+37% q-q, +4% y-y) and achieved the overall 2017’s sales of IDR10 trillion (+1% y-y). The hike of 3.7% in same store sales growth (SSSG) edging up from 3Q17’s SSSG of -1.2% bolstering the sales.

The incline in SSSG coupled with the incline in gross sales were posted by all stores in Jakarta, Java Island, and non-Java. It also posted the increment of 65% in the total transactions compared to 3Q17’s total transactions. Besides, it also performed the cost efficiency embodied in reforms of store-staff schedule resulting in a maintainable operational cost and the cash of IDR1.6 trillion (+167% q-q, -8%% y-y) albeit the sluggish retail conditions in the domestic market.

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