Buoyant Sales
JPFA posted the buoyant growth of 18.7% in sales from IDR6.62 trillion in 1Q17 into IDR7.86 trillion in 1Q18. The main bolster to the buoyant sales was the surge of 27% in sales from IDR2.6 trillion in 1Q17 into IDR3.4 trillion in 1Q18 posted by the commercial farm and consumer products segment. Furthermore, the animal feeds also posted the growth of 12% from IDR2.46 trillion in 1Q17 into IDR2.7 trillion in 1Q18.

Fantastic Growth in Profit
JPFA posted the fantastic growth of 491% in profit from IDR73 billion in 1Q17 into IDR433 billion in 1Q18. The main driver for the fantastic growth is the turnaround in the commercial farm and consumer products from posting the operational loss of IDR70 billion in 1Q17 into posting the operational profit of IDR247 billion in 1Q18.


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