On 17 January 2020, Chairman & CEO of NH Investment & Securities Group Mr. Jeong Young-Chae visted Hutama Karya to have an investment-related meeting with vice chairman of Hutama Karya Mr. Aloysius Kiik Ro in Hutama Karya Office.


Why Chairman & CEO Mr. Jeong visited Hutama Karya?

: He would like to cooperate with Hutama Karya to find more business opportunities especially in Infrastructure Side. Recently, Hutama Karya started to build infrastructure in Sumatra Island and its total length as a master plan is more than 2,000 km.


What kind of cooperation that NH can have with Hutama Karya?

: NH Investment & Securities is one of the biggest securities in Korea with the biggest financial group ‘NH Financial Group’ at the back supporting. With the background, NH Investment & Securities can help financing for developing infrastructure in Sumatra Island.

What will be problems or obstacles for the financing?

: For financing, the most important thing is market situation. If the situation is not stable, investor can hesitate to make a decision for the investment. Second, the profit returned is also one of key point that investor consider. If the profit is not attractive comparing with other countries, Investor will look at other side for investment.


What is next step?

: NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia which is a subsidiary of NH Investment & Securities keeps having meetings with Hutama Karya to collect more information to proceed financing and find the best way of it.