Growth of 3.3% in Sales
ICBP succeeded in posting 2017’s growth of 3.3% in sales from IDR34.4 trillion in 2016 into IDR35.6 trillion in 2017. 2017’s growth was lower than 2016’s growth of 8.6%. The factor decelerating growth in sales derived from the Noodle Segment. This segment contributing 64% from the overall sales posted sliding sales from 7.2% in 2016 into 2.3% in 2017.

Indonesian Consumers’ Lasting Loyalty
Another to the downbeat sales posted by the Noodle Segment, the Dairy Segment contributing 20% to the overall sales also posted a slump in sales from 2016’s sales of 15.7% into 2017’s sales of 4.1%. We projected that ICBP likely posts upswing of 4.1% in 2018’s sales underpinned by the high level of Indonesian consumer confidence index.


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