ICBP as King of Instant Noodles in Indonesia
ICBP was capable of posting the growth of 6.4% sales from IDR9 trillion in 2Q17 to IDR9.57 trillion in 2Q18. It was underpinned by the hike of 7% in sales from IDR5.63 trillion in 2Q17 to IDR6 trillion in 2Q18 posted by the noodle division contributing 63% to ICBP’s overall sales.

It dominates virtually 72% – 75% Indonesia-based market shares of instant noodles and pledges to the commitment to continuous product innovation; it launched a new product of Mi Keriting Goreng Rasa Telur Asin, for example. It expects that the launch of the new product successfully drives higher sales in ahead years; indeed, it increases the production capacity of the instant noodles to be distributed in Greater Jakarta areas by 10%. Thus, the total national capacities reach 18 billion packages per year.

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