Noodle Division: Impetus of Buoyant Sales
ICBP enjoyed the buoyant sales of 4% from IDR9.45 trillion in 1Q17 to IDR9.88 trillion in 1Q18. The sales growth of 7% from IDR6.0 trillion in 1Q17 to IDR6.42 trillion in 1Q18 posted by the noodles division — contributing 65% to the overall sales — is the impetus for the buoyant sales. Meanwhile, the dairy division — contributing 19% to the overall sales — and the snack foods — contributing 7% to the overall sales — stunted the sales growth by 1.3% y-y and –5.2% y-y, respectively.

Rosier EBIT Margin by Noodles Division
Despite a slight sales growth of 4% y-y, the net profit recorded a steep growth of 11% from IDR1.09 trillion in 1Q17 into IDR1.21 trillion in 1Q18. The noodles division contributing 87% to EBIT snapped a higher EBIT growth of 20% from IDR1.16 trillion in 1Q17 to IDR1.39 trillion in 1Q18. The impetus for growth was the rosier EBIT margin from 19% in 1Q17 to 22% in 1Q18.

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