Wall Street weakened by 2%, along with investors that paid their attention to the US Midterms results. The Nasdaq depreciated by 2.5%, leading to Wall Street’s weakening. Investors continue to observe the results of the tight US Midterms, which are likely to make changes to the political power map in the US Congress, making it harder to pass drastic policy changes. This Wall Street pressure, a day ahead of the inflation data release, will provide new clues about the Fed’s monetary policy. According to a Bloomberg survey, US Inflation Headline Oct. is projected at 7.9% YoY (vs. Sept. 8.2%).

The JCI gained 20 points, as Wall Street exchanges rallied in the previous trade. Seven out of eleven sectors strengthened, with Technology strengthened by 1%, which led to sectoral gains. Amid the wait for the release of US inflation data on Thursday local time, NHKSI Research projects that today’s JCI has the chance to move bullish.

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