Job openings fell moderately, in line with the expectations of the Fed to suppress inflation, prompting Nasdaq to lead Wall Street’s gains or appreciate by more than 4%. The data shows JOLTS Job Openings As of Oct., as much as 10.3 million (-2.2% MoM) as the FFR reached the level of 3.75%-4.00%, putting pressure on the US economy. On the other hand, the job openings remain high, indicating the US labor market remains solid overall. Amid Wall Street’s gains in late November trading, investors also continued to anticipate the Unemployment Rate data released Friday, providing essential data as input at the FOMC Meeting on December 13-14 local time.

GOTO’s volatility is influenced by the Supply Demand factor more, as the Lock-Up Period opens today. This Big Cap Tech. Stock is currently integrating the On Demand Segment: GoRide, GoCar, GoFood, and GoSend; to achieve early profitability. Additionally, rupiah depreciation broke through the IDR15,000/USD level, which becomes a concern for the Indofood Duo 3Q22 Earning Results that is scheduled this morning. Meanwhile, ahead of Indonesia’s manufacturing and inflation data release, NHKSI Research projects JCI today to move sideways.

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