Market Recap
JCI rebounded as the financial and consumer sectors were bullish. Top Gainers JCI: Basic Industry (+1.82%), Consumer (+1.20%), Misc. Industry (+0.99%).

INNI Index rebounded at 0.43% yesterday thanks to the respective rally of 5.2% and 2.5% in such property stocks as PWON and CTRA. PWON’s financial statements disclosed surprising growth of virtually 36% to IDR2.54 trillion in net profits of FY2018. Additionally, net profit margins surged from 32.6% in 2017 into 35.9% in 2018, backed by recurring incomes as PWON’s foundation.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Despite the global volatility, yesterday’s foreign inflows of IDR339 billion poured into JCI. JCI also cheered foreign inflows of IDR354 billion in the banking sector. Inflows into the banking sectors reflected foreign investors’ confidence in BI’s monetary stance and Indonesia’s fundamental.

Following a flood of foreign inflows, domestic inflows of IDR108 billion run to the automotive sector. A decline of virtually 15% YTD in ASII made domestic investors begin to accumulate ASII and boost its rebound at 1.4% yesterday.

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