Market Recap
JCI continued to rally for four consecutive days. JCI’s Top Gainers: Mining (+1.6%), Consumer (+0.8%), Finance (+0.2%).

INNI index, like JCI, was rally, backed by PTBA and INCO stocks of sector mining.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Foreign investors withdrew their funds of IDR105 billion from JCI’s portfolios. Coal has to bear the mandatory shipment using Indonesia-flagged vessels as cited in Regulation of Trading Ministry Number 82 the Year of 2017. However, stocks of coal miners rallied still (i.e., PTBA (+3.75%) and ADRO (+3.45%)). Besides, investors retained profit-taking of IDR363 billion over BBCA to slip 1.49%. During 2019, BBCA succeeded to book CASA growth of 9.9% to IDR532 billion amid modest domestic consumption and global state of uncertainty. Meanwhile, the rupiah exchange rate against USD was slightly depreciated to 13,750.

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