Market Recap
JCI rallied yesterday, backed by the higher-than-consensus GDP of Indonesia and Trump’s speech on China. Top Gainers: Infrastructure (+2.89%), Property (+1.84%), Basic Industry (+1.44%).

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Yesterday, foreign investors posted the net buy of IDR138 billion, with the infrastructure sector as the backbone of JCI’s rally. TLKM’s stocks, contributing 47% to the infrastructure sector, posted foreign net buy of IDR98 billion; in contrast, the banking sector posted the foreign net sell of IDR151 billion. Foreign investors keep their wary eyes on benchmark rates set by the central bank of each of emerging markets.
Meanwhile, domestic investors posted net buy on the energy sector as PGAS’s stocks posted the domestic net buy of IDR33 billion. That’s attributable to the construction of the 5-million national gas pipeline running until 2025.

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