Coal Average Selling Price Increase

PTBA continues taking advantage of the increase in coal prices, targeting an increase in coal production to 36.4 million tons in 2022, 21.2% growth from last year’s realization of 30 million
tons. The relatively high price of coal has become a momentum to boost the Company’s performance. Meanwhile, sales volume is targeted to increase by 30.8% to 37.1 million tons in the same
period. Meanwhile, the Company also targets transportation to increase by 23.9% to 31.5 million tons in the same period.

Asset Growth

PTBA posted a 58.9% YoY increase in assets to IDR 38.9 trillion in 1Q22. Cash and cash equivalents was recorded at IDR 6.1 trillion, up 37.7% YoY in the same period. Meanwhile, total liabilities increased to IDR 12.5 trillion in 1Q22, compared to 1Q21 of IDR 6.9 trillion.

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