Well-Diversified Portfolio
CTRA is a property company with the best project portfolio diversification than the other property companies. The diversification is not only based on
property project locations but also target market. Its property projects respond well the demand from low-income retail division to commercial-and-premium division.

Initial Recovery in Property Sector to Benefit CTRA
Although the property sector experiences no recovery, its current outlook is normal after it suffered from impediment in 2016. Factors attributable to the recovery in the property sector are projected to have a more significant impact to CTRA than its competitors.

The trend of lukewarm interest rate is potent driver for CTRA’s residential sales as 51% of its total marketing sales applies the method of mortgage loan (KPR). The progress of infrastructure development, particularly in Jakarta and its greater areas, such as Cibubur-Cawang LRT, and JORR2 toll road will likely boost the hike in land price of CTRA’s residential projects.


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