Weekly Report | 21 November 2022

Wait and See ahead of the BI 7DRR release, and the fading inflation effect makes the JCI remain flat within the week.

Weekly Report | 14 November 2022

US inflation is flattening. The high base of inflation in 2021 and the disinflation of several goods and services

Weekly Report | 7 November 2022

Rupiah depreciation amid Cadev’s downward trend. Beside the fourth FFR +75Bps increase in November, JCI pressure was

Weekly Report | 31 October 2022

Big Cap. Earning Results sustained the JCI's psychological level of 7,000. Investors' selective interest in Big Cap.

Weekly Report | 24 October 2022

The Non-Cyclical Consumer has become a priority amid high inflation. For a week, Non-Cyclical Consumers strengthened by

Weekly Report | 17 October 2022

Consumer Non-Cyclicals Resilience Vs. JCI weakened by 3%. The Non-Cyclicals Consumer sector was able to bear up or rose

Weekly Report | 10 October 2022

US economy Resilient, ready for 4% FFR. The US labor market is solid, the Unemployment Rate drops to a low of 3.50%; and

Weekly Report | 3 October 2022

Bearish market closed Wall Street 3Q22, more than 20% decline started to occur on Nasdaq (April), then S&P500 (June)

Weekly Report | 26 September 2022

BI 7DRRR September’s hike to +50Bps, is a BI’s monetary dose that is rarely given. NHKSI Research sees BI Front Loaded