Weekly Report | 27 Jun 2022

BI 7 DRRR at 3.50%, Maintaining 2Q22 GDP. Other than low May CPI at 2.58% YoY (Vs. BI’s target of 3+/- 1%), NHKSI

Weekly Report | 13 Jun 2022

The Fed’s hawkish stance ineffective, and inflation still high. The US CPI MoM increased 1.0% (Vs. Apr. 0.3% MoM), even

Weekly Report | 30 May 2022

Investors anticipate BI’s Dovish Stance. JCI was closed higher by 1.6% in the past week, as foreign investors booked a

Weekly Report | 23 May 2022

Rupiah volatility as BI Board of Governors’ Meeting and FOMC Meeting Minutes approach will influence JCI’s movement

Weekly Report | 17 May 2022

BI 7DRRR was maintained at 3.50%. Investors started to pay close attention to the Bloomberg survey, projecting BI to

Weekly Report | 9 May 2022

Investors will pay close attention to the release of April inflation data which is projected to be 0.83% MoM or 3.34%

Weekly Report | 25 April 2022

Investors started to observe Bloomberg’s survey for the next May’s FOMC meeting, which projects an increase to the Fed’s

Weekly Report | 18 April 2022

Investors will await the release of the April period BI 7-DRRR which is projected to stay at its lowest level of 3.50%.

Weekly Report | 11 April 2022

As there are only four trading days, JCI’s movement this week may potentially re-test new high with a projected range of