Monthly Report | November 2018

Import Drops Driving Trade Balance Surplus September’s trade balance booked surplus of USD227 million and outstripped

Monthly Report | October 2018

Declining Forex Reserves Promptly Halted In August 2018, Indonesia posted the forex reserves of USD117.9 billion. The

Monthly Report | September 2018

Acceleration in GDP Growth Indonesia’s 2Q18 GDP growth was at 5.27% the highest growth since the 4Q13. The domestic

Monthly Report | June 2018

Investors’ Positive Responses Investors positively responded to BI’s firm stance of raising its benchmark rate higher.

Monthly Report | May 2018

Indonesia’s Bonds Yield Settling at 7% Again The global financial market turmoil marked by the U.S. Treasury yield

Monthly Report | April 2018

Inflation: Indonesia’s Competitive Factor Indonesia having the financial stability amid the threat from the Fed’s

Monthly Report | March 2018

Three Interest-Rate Hikes After FOMC meeting held in the end of January, the volatility in global markets heightened

Monthly Report | February 2018

Further Slump in Dollar Dollar dimmed touching 3-year lowest level. The downtrend of dollar will likely remain albeit