Excellent Performance
BBCA’s 3Q18 interest income grew slightly by 5.5% y-y to IDR14.6 trillion, yet its net interest income growth accelerated to 9.2%, all-time high growth of the past 2 years. The excellent performance, paired with the jump of 31.1% y-y in its non-interest income proved a boon for BBCA to post the growth of 12.4% y-y to IDR7.1 trillion in its bottom line.

Consumer Loan Growth Regains Momentum
BBCA’s 3Q18 loan growth was kicking at a higher gear, e.g., its total loan surged by 16.8% to IDR523.1 trillion. The corporate segment successfully marked the superb growth of 23.3%, while the commercial and SME segment maintained the growth hovering at 17%. The consumer segment surprisingly succeeded to buoy 9.0% after the slight growth of 2.9% in the prior quarter. The potent driver for recovery in consumer segment was the growth of 9.4% in the mortgage. These achievements strived by BBCA led us to be confident about the growth momentum of higher than 15% to last for until 2019.


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