JCI Advanced
JCI was bullish in the early week prior to its bearish state. Statistic Indonesia (BPS) released Jan. 2020 trade balance to show a narrower deficit of USD864 million compared to Jan. 2019 deficit. Imports of consumption & capital goods to change little and non-oil and gas exports to show modest performance narrowed Jan. 2020 deficits. In the US, retail sales came out with sound data along with picking up home sales. JCI was still bullish in the mid-week as BI patiently held looser monetary stance of trimming BI 7-DRRR by 25 bps to 4.75% after a two-day Board of Governors Meeting (RDG) from 19 to 20 Jan. 2020. That pre-emptive stance maintains nationwide economic growth as the coronavirus outbreak leaves the global economy ailing. On Friday of Feb. 21, JCI was in the red zone.

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