JCI’s Last-Week Performance in Top 6 Position

The positive performance came from foreign investors’ interest in emerging markets, Indonesia in particular. We oversee that foreign investors digest the Fed’s dovish stance, coupled with BI’s concerted commitment to maintaining better trade balance performance as a positive sentiment for Indonesia’s market. It was shown in a record foreign inflows of 10 days of consecutive net buy.

Last-Week Foreign Inflows of IDR6.4 trillion

The foreign inflow last week posted net buy in Indonesia’s equity market. That massive foreign inflows were the potent driver for JCI to strengthen by 1.4% last week and currently JCI is less than 4% to hit all-time high at 6,689. Last-week the most-scrutinized release was BI’s stance to hold its 7-day Reverse Repo Rate unchanged at 6.0%, pursuant to investors’ expectancy.

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