JCI Advanced

On early days of last week, JCI was at a tepid closed as Sept. CCI of 121.8, much lower than August’s 123.1. Of note, the decline in CCI was attributable to Sept. Current Economic Condition Index (CECI). Adding to the less optimistic reading of both indexes was Sept. official reserve assets narrowed to USD124.3 billion due to the government’s foreign debt payment. On mid-day of last week, JCI continued to subdue on the back of the US policies exacerbating its disputes with China. The US to include China’s top AI startups to its trade blacklists and to impose restrictions on visas for Chinese officers abusing Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang intensified tensions ahead of Thursday’ trade talks in Washington on Thursday, Oct. 10. On the late days of last week, JCI closed higher as Trump’s tweets about the first day of trade talks running smoothly.

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