Tumble in the U.S.’ Technology Shares
After the tension of trade war between the U.S. and China subdued, the negative sentiment affecting the global market was the tumble in the technology-based shares: Facebook and Amazon. The technology sector is 2017’s significant rally booster in the U.S. markets. The tumble in the technology sector gave the perception that global investors have less appetite for stocks market. It was also signified by the massive buy act of the U.S. government bond marked by the decrease of lower than 2.8% in yield.

Sluggish Credit Growth
From domestic backdrop, the financial sector curbed JCI’s last week movement. It was triggered by the slight growth of 8.22% in February’s credit lower than the growth of 8.57% in late 2017’s credit. This backdrop caused investors to await the change in monetary and fiscal policies enacted by officials.

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