Buoyant Demand for Tin by China
The recovery in China’s industry brings about the buoyant demand for tin in China. This backdrop inevitably impacts on TINS’s selling sales performance marking the upbeat sales volume of its products. In 3Q17, its metal sales volume edged up 3.8% y-y from 6, 918 tons into 7,184 ton, while its chemical sales volume soared 198.1% y-y into 1,428 tons from 683 tons in 3Q16.

Sluggish Supply of Global Mineral
In 2017, the prices of mining commodities, excluding tin experienced rebound; accordingly, the tin price is projected to buoy in 2018 as it follows the prices of other commodities. The buoyant price will likely impact on TINS’s sales performance. Based on the global commodities data, the supplies of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel, and tin continuously slump.


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