Harmonious Growth of Sales and Net Profit
LSIP kept posting par excellence performance in 2017 coupled by the hike of 14.7% in sales from IDR965 billion in 3Q16 into IDR1.1 trillion in 3Q17. The net profit also posted the rosier growth of 12.7% from IDR160 billion in 3Q16 into IDR180 billion in 3Q17. In 9M2017, LSIP marked the growth of 37% in total sales attributable to 2017 conducive weather after the end of El-Nino.

2017 Production Elevation
The production volume of CPO also kept elevating during 9M2017 respectively by 27.5% in 1Q17 and 19.9% in 2Q17. In 3Q17, the production elevated 21.7% from 86,000 tons in 3Q16 into 105,000 tons in 3Q17. We project that in 2018, the production volume of CPO will elevate by 3% buttressed by the upbeat activity of unproductive plants.


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