4Q17 Performance Review
PTPP secured 4Q17 revenue of IDR7.7 trillion (+37.9% y-y) settling at highest revenue figures as of 1Q14. 2Q17 and 3Q17 soaring new contracts of IDR13.5 trillion and IDR11.7 trillion were the potent drivers for 4Q17. In contrast to the soaring figures of 4Q17 revenue, 4Q17 net profit moved little by IDR463 billion (+2.2%) attributable to escalating interest expense of IDR415 billion.

Secured Growth of New Contracts
PTPP enjoyed 2017 new contracts accomplishment worth IDR40.9 trillion (+25.5%) higher than the growth of 20.4% in 2016 new contracts accomplishment. It sets the target of 2018 new contracts worth IDR49 trillion (+19.8%). We oversee that its determined growth of around 20% is realistic in light of its success in securing 1Q18 new contracts worth IDR9.5 trillion surging 42.4% y-y.


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