Government Bonds
Entry Offers More Than IDR 100 Trillion. The 10-year benchmark candidate FR0091 recorded an entry bid of almost IDR 40 trillion, in yesterday’s Government Bond (SUN) auction. Then followed by the 5-year benchmark candidate FR0090, worth IDR 26.3 trillion. Meanwhile, yesterday’s SUN auction won nominal value of IDR 34 trillion or the same as the previous auction, and slightly above the indicative target of IDR 33 trillion. The decline in UST yield, which reached a level below 1.2%, and high domestic liquidity, became positive sentiment for yesterday’s auction.

Corporate Bonds
Bank Permata’s paid-up capital Increases to IDR 4.85 Trillion. Bank Permata Tbk (BNLI) has completed the capital strengthening by conducting a Limited Public Offering (PUT) IX or rights issue. Through this action, Bank Permata’s issued and paid-up capital increased to IDR 4.85 trillion. Meanwhile, the capital consists of 26.88 million class A shares worth IDR 336 billion, and 36.15 billion class B shares worth IDR 4.51 trillion. (Kontan)

Other Tobacco Processing Excise Revenues Drop. The coronavirus pandemic has caused various economic deteriorating impacts in the business sector. One of them is for other tobacco processing industries (HPTL) such as e-cigarettes, which is indicated by the contraction of excise revenues. Data from the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) reported that the realization of HPTL excise revenues in the January-July 2021 period was IDR 298 billion. This achievement contracted by 28% on an annual basis. The government claims that the performance of HPTL excise revenues has decreased due to the decline in production. (Kontan)

PBS030 Lack of Supply. NHKSI Research sees that market players are starting to not worry about the continuation of Level 4 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), making investors return to trust in Government Securities (SBN). Another positive sentiment is Bank Indonesia (BI) which is still maintaining the BI 7-DRRR at the level of 3.5% in line with low domestic inflation. Next week, the government will again not offer PBS030. On the other hand, the government again offered PBS031, PBS032, PBS029, PBS004, and PBS028 in the planned SUN auction next Tuesday.