Performance of Agribusiness Segment: 2017 Performance Bolster
INDF’s sales surged by 5.1% from IDR66.7 trillion in 2017 into IDR70.1 trillion in 2017. The biggest contributor to the 2017 overall sales was the surge of 9.4% in sales from IDR12.4 trillion in 2016 into IDR13.6 trillion in 2017 accomplished by the agribusiness segment. Meanwhile, the CBP and flour segments respectively posted the growth of 4.2% and 3.5% in sales.

Performance of Flour Segment: 2018 Performance Bolster
We estimate that in 2018, the agribusiness segment’s sales likely nudges up by 2.2% lower than the hike in 2017’s sales. The slight increment is attributable to the likely stable CPO prices during 2018. Another to the stable CPO prices, the flour segment likely posting the incline of 7.9% in the 2018 sales underlined by the upbeat global flour prices is also the bolster for the 2018 growth.

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