Market Recap
JCI closed lower as the consumer goods weakened. JCI’s Top Losers: Basic Ind. (-1.7%), Property (-1.7%), Manufacture (-0.6%).
Like JCI, INNI index dropped, subdued by constructions stocks, i.e. WIKA, WSKT, and PTPP.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI still saw foreign outflows of IDR269 billion, with the largest amount of IDR126 pulled out from the banking sector. Most of Asia markets were sluggish as markets retained wait-and-see stance, anticipating the US-China trade relation after Chinese officials delayed a visit to farms in Montana. On Monday’s trading sessions, GGRM still posted foreign outflows of IDR44 billion, underlined by the hike of 23% in cigarette excise tax.
Additionally, the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar was depreciated by 0.21% to 14,085

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