Market Recap
JCI close higher as the consumer goods and infrastructure sectors hiked. JCI’s Top Gainers: Mining (+1.7%), Infrastructure (+1.2%), Trade (+1.0%).
INNI index hiked as the mining stocks, ADRO and ANTM snapped higher.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
Yesterday, JCI posted foreign outflows of IDR84 billion, with the banking and the mining sectors posting outflows of IDR193 billion and IDR73 billion, respectively. Meanwhile, the telecommunication subsector posted net buy of IDR130 billion; TLKM secured IDR68 billion worth of transactions and hiked at 1.43%, for example. The hike was underlined by “NEUCentrIX”, the data center developed by TLKM. Another to TLKM, EXCL also cheered foreign inflows of IDR40 billion.

Aside from JCI’s portfolio, the rupiah Indonesia’s exchange rate for the US dollar was depreciated at 0.3% to 14,092.

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