Market Recap
JCI was rebound, backed by the banking and miscellaneous industry. JCI’s Top Gainers: Misc. Ind (+2.6%), Mining (+1.3%), Trade (+0.8%).
INNI index snapped higher 0.49%, underpinned by basic industry stocks, e.g. INTP and miscellaneous stocks, e.g. ASII.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI was a bit relieved for on 5 Sep. foreign outflows were only at IDR87 billion, much lower than the previous 3-day foreign outflows streak. A glance at commodities, future prices for CPO on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives declined due to the rising import tariffs imposed by India. Unlike lagging CPO prices, prices of tin are on a bullish trend and succeeded to support TINS performance, posting net sell of IDR63.3 billion or a 13.89% gain. In the telecommunication sector, the plan for selling towers succeded to help EXCL to post foreign buy of IDR13.5 billion or a 0.57% gain. Apart from commodities, the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar nudged up 0.04% to 14,155.

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