Market Recap
JCI was at a tepid close as the banking sector dived and massive foreign outflows. JCI’s Top Losers: Infrastruktur (-1.3%), Misc. Industry (-1.0%), Finance (-0.8%).

INNI index posted worse performance than JCI as markets retained profit-taking over a week bullish mining stocks, i.e. ANTM and INCO.

Daily Foreign & Domestic Sector Movement
JCI plunged deeper into foreign capital outflows of IDR399 billion, with the subsector of cigarette makers hit hardest by IDR64 billion worth of outflows. Meanwhile, the rupiah was still depreciated at 0.17% to 14,128 against the US dollar.

A glance at global highlights, most of Asia markets were at bullish mood: a stark contrast to JCI’s bearish state. That was attributable to China’s sound PMI data at 50.4, higher than the estimate.

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