US Nonfarm Payrolls exceed expectations, maintaining an aggressive Hawkish FFR fight against inflation, and Wall Street Mixed within the weekend. A report from US Labor Department shows Nonfarm Payrolls in Nov. increased by 263K (Vs. Surv. 200K), with wage growth rising higher even as recession fears mount. Additionally, Nov. Unemployment Rate remained unchanged as expected at 3.7%, indicating that the domestic economy remains strong amid an era of high-interest rates. Nonfarm Payrolls data showed that the labor market remained solid after Initial Jobless Claims data fell 7% fell 7% to as many as 225K claims within a week.

Energy sector appreciation offset the Industrial and Technology Sector pressure, as the JCI at the weekend was relatively flat or closed at the level of 7,019. The increase in coal commodity prices in the ICE Newcastle market, again approaching the psychological level of USD400/Ton, in the market’s anticipation of the easing of the Zero-Covid Policy in China. On the other hand, investors are again watching the US labor market remain solid, amid the Fed’s discourse of slowing the pace of Dec. FFR hikes, causing NHKSI Research project the JCI tends to move sideways at this beginning of the week.

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